Empower Yourself in the Face of Harm and Injustice

Transforming the Loving Force of Healthy Anger into Clear Seeing and Wise Action

– Audio Course by Dr. Christine Brähler –

Who can benefit?

Do you find it hard to set boundaries?

Do you struggle to stand up for yourself?

Do you dislike feeling angry or never feel anger?

Dr. Christine Braehler


“Alchemizing anger into clarity and compassion into justice is brought to us by a sage. This course is brilliant and highly transformative. There is kindness and patience in Dr. Christine’s voice as she inspires the listener toward a higher path. I am so grateful for the calm assertive energy that I am experiencing that can be fierce and free.”

“This course had been truly life-changing. Thank you!”

“Such a terrific course! Stick with it to the end, lesson 10 had nuggets of wisdom and practical tips for everyday to live into my truth while remaining engaged and receptive to those with other viewpoints. Wow, worthy of repeating and committing to memory! Thank you.”

“Deep gratitude. You’re lovely calm and caring voice helped the message root for me. There were a good number of things I guess I knew in theory but which shifted to a felt sense of knowing. Incredibly grateful to you for making this teaching available and your wisdom. Blessings.”

“I have just completed this potentially life changing course. It has taken me in directions I could never have imagined and I have discovered things about myself I had no idea about. I am sure that these insights will help me to be more authentic and brave moving forward. This course is ideal for anyone who struggles with confrontation and dealing with injustice. It will empower you to be confident in your own truth. Thank you so much for this wonderful course.”

What is the course about?

The goal of this course is to awaken your energy of fierce love to respect and protect yourself. You will learn to transform healthy anger into clear seeing and wise action. You will work with inner parts that disempower you, using methods derived from Internal Family Systems Therapy and practices of mindfulness and self-compassion. To benefit from this course, you need to feel reasonably safe and stable and have skills for regulating distress.

Duration: 3hr 33min | 26th Sept 2020 | Audio-Stream | Price: €39

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What do you need to bring?

To benefit from this audio course you need to bring some basic emotional competencies. If you answer yes to all, the course is suitable for you:

  • Can you feel your body with your eyes closed without feeling uncomfortable?
  • Can you name your key emotions when they arise?
  • Can you stay focused on working with your emotions in your body for at least 15 minutes?
  • Do you have coping strategies to manage difficult emotions without harming yourself?
  • Can you soothe and comfort yourself when you feel distressed?

What else do you need to take part?

  • A smartphone, tablet or computer with internet connection and speakers or headphones for audio-streaming
  • Audio streaming does not work on the original iPad and the iPhone 3G (or less)
  • A yoga mat or sofa or bed with a blanket and pillow
  • A notebook and a pen
  • An open mind and a sense of humour ; )

Empower Yourself
in the Face of
Harm & Injustice

Empower Yourself - Audio Course by Dr. Christine Braehler

· 10-session audio course

· Unlimited streaming for 2 years

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Course Overview

Compassion is often misunderstood as being weak, passive and subsequently leading to condoning unethical behaviour. Why is that? Anger’s function to protect ourselves in a wise way is often overlooked, when in fact it is a manifestation of fierce compassion. We will debunk myths around compassion and anger and evoke your resolve to protect yourself in a brief meditation.


Most people censor their feelings of anger and resist them consciously or unconsciously. This leads to anger manifesting in a variety of other unhelpful ways. After describing what anger can look like, when it is resisted, you get to explore your relationship with anger and get to know the various parts within you that judge, suppress or feel afraid of anger.


In this session you are guided to visualize a person who embodies strength, wisdom, courage, calm, justice and kindness to you. This role model has experienced disempowerment and inspired others to empower themselves. Visualizing and emulating this role model over time, will help you to activate those qualities within you.


Inner empowerment shows on the outside as a calm, grounded and dignified posture and expression. Empowered postures help to feel heard, seen and respected by others. They involve neither aggression nor submission. In this session we will explore how posture, embodiment and music can help to activate this loving force in the body. You will be guided through a body-focused visualization.


Whenever someone is mistreated, the natural response is outrage. People however often stay silent because they fear the consequences of being punished, disbelieved, discredited or have it turned against them. In this session we start to work directly with parts that disempower us by invalidating our truth of being mistreated. These parts are the first in line to block us from connecting to the loving force of healthy anger.


When we are faced with injustice, we easily feel isolated and powerless. To gather strength to persevere, we need to connect with peers who are affected in a similar way. When we stand united, we feel stronger, more resilient and more supported. In this session, we evoke common humanity and solidarity in a guided mediation.


As soon as we have woken up to the full scale of the hurt and harm we have experienced, we often blame ourselves instead of getting angry with those who have hurt us. In this session we will work with the emotions of shame and exaggerated guilt that often show up and get in the way of us protecting ourselves.


The fiery energy of anger may burn us up or burn us out. When we learn to contain the fire to keep it burning steadily, we can harness its energy to wake us up and to stand our ground. In this session, you will be guided to feel into the sensations of anger in your body and to use its energy to see the situation more clearly.


Witnessing healthy anger by listening to its messages can give us important insights. When we linger with these insights in our hearts, minds and bodies, a manageable step of wise and loving action can arise. In this session, you will be guided to move from insights into wise action.


Fierce love can help us to build a culture of genuine dialogue and democracy. Our goal becomes agreeing to disagree and staying connecting in the disagreement instead of cutting the person out of our life or giving up our viewpoint to keep the peace. In this session, you get to practice sticking to your truth and values in a relationship without getting aggressive, defensive or submissive.


Pay it forward:
Build solidarity by sharing your experience

Have you benefitted from this course and are thinking of a friend or family member who may also benefit? Why not be brave and share some of your experience with the course with them and gift it to a friend or family member? We can break the cycle of shame and silence by sharing with a trusted other and thus build solidarity!

  • This course does not replace any otherwise necessary medical or psychological treatment.

  • The course creator is not liable for any damages incurred due to customers listening to the course. Ensure you meet the prerequisites noted above before buying the course.

  • This course does not entitle the buyer to any psychological support.