Befriending Loneliness

Transforming the pain of disconnection into loving connectedness

The ultimative 20-Day Audio Course with Dr. Christine Brähler

Who can benefit?

Do you struggle to be alone?

Do you feel lonely when in company?

Do you wish to feel more connected when alone?


“Healing in ways that I had not expected. Thank you.”

“Such a deeply informed set of exercises, thoughtfully layered to arrive at solitude.”

“Amazing. So helpful.”

“Very therapeutic. A good mix of exercises to add to my tools for confronting and dealing with loneliness.”

“This course has been very helpful. I am discovering so much about myself in pattern and thought that I didn’t realize was so interconnected. Thank you for the guide to grow and move beyond this veil of loneliness.”

“Excellent, much needed course for all those suffering from loneliness, offering ideas and avenues to dive into ourselves with loving kindness and curiosity and tools for internal and external reconnection. Thank you!”

“With the wisdom of a sage and gentleness of a compassionate friend, Dr. Christine’s ability to guide my imagination opened up possibilities I had not considered. Each session incrementally contributed to the overall multifaceted healing effects I have experienced. Particularly helpful was the befriending of grief in a time that came to me at exactly the best time. Thank you Dr. Christine for your brilliance and brightness and may your voice continue to be amplified as an ally for hope, connection and transformation. With the warmest of gratitude, thank you.”

What is this audio course about?

Learn to befriend loneliness through compassion practices and transform it into greater loving connectedness with yourself and others.

Duration: 4hr 30min, unlimited streaming for 2 years

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Who can benefit?

To benefit from this audio course you need to bring some basic emotional competencies. If you answer yes to all, the course is suitable for you:

  • Can you feel your body with your eyes closed without feeling uncomfortable?
  • Can you name your key emotions when they arise?
  • Can you stay focused on working with your emotions in your body for at least 15 minutes?
  • Do you have coping strategies to manage difficult emotions without harming yourself?

What else do you need to take part?

  • A smartphone, tablet or computer with internet connection and speakers or headphones for audio-streaming
  • Audio streaming does not work on the original iPad and the iPhone 3G (or less)
  • A yoga mat or sofa or bed with a blanket and pillow
  • A notebook and a pen
  • An open mind and a sense of humour ; )

Befriending Loneliness

· 20-day audio course

· Unlimited Streaming for 2 years

 BUY NOW for € 49.00