Befriending Loneliness

Transforming the pain of disconnection into loving connectedness

– A Six-Session Audio Course with Dr. Christine Brähler

Who can benefit?

Do you struggle to be alone?

Do you feel lonely when in company?

Do you wish to feel more connected when alone?


“Healing in ways that I had not expected. Thank you.”

“Such a deeply informed set of exercises, thoughtfully layered to arrive at solitude.”

“Amazing. So helpful.”

“Very therapeutic. A good mix of exercises to add to my tools for confronting and dealing with loneliness.”

“This course has been very helpful. I am discovering so much about myself in pattern and thought that I didn’t realize was so interconnected. Thank you for the guide to grow and move beyond this veil of loneliness.”

“Excellent, much needed course for all those suffering from loneliness, offering ideas and avenues to dive into ourselves with loving kindness and curiosity and tools for internal and external reconnection. Thank you!”

“With the wisdom of a sage and gentleness of a compassionate friend, Dr. Christine’s ability to guide my imagination opened up possibilities I had not considered. Each session incrementally contributed to the overall multifaceted healing effects I have experienced. Particularly helpful was the befriending of grief in a time that came to me at exactly the best time. Thank you Dr. Christine for your brilliance and brightness and may your voice continue to be amplified as an ally for hope, connection and transformation. With the warmest of gratitude, thank you.”

What is this audio course about?

Learn to befriend loneliness through compassion practices and transform it into greater loving connectedness with yourself and others.

Duration: 4hr 30min, unlimited streaming for 2 years

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Who can benefit?

To benefit from this audio course you need to bring some basic emotional competencies. If you answer yes to all, the course is suitable for you:

  • Can you feel your body with your eyes closed without feeling uncomfortable?
  • Can you name your key emotions when they arise?
  • Can you stay focused on working with your emotions in your body for at least 15 minutes?
  • Do you have coping strategies to manage difficult emotions without harming yourself?

What else do you need to take part?

  • A smartphone, tablet or computer with internet connection and speakers or headphones for audio-streaming
  • Audio streaming does not work on the original iPad and the iPhone 3G (or less)
  • A yoga mat or sofa or bed with a blanket and pillow
  • A notebook and a pen
  • An open mind and a sense of humour ; )

Befriending Loneliness

· A Six-Session Audio Course

· unlimited streaming for 2 years

Buy now for € 49.00

Session Overview

Part 1: Easing your Way into the Course (19min)
In this introduction, the intention of the programme is outlined. Instead of resisting loneliness and thus making it worse, we want to turn towards it with kindness to heal the associated pain of disconnection, vulnerability, unworthiness and shame. A beautiful poem and a metaphor are presented to help guide and inspire you on this journey. You will receive practical tips for how to approach this course and its practices.

Part 2: How do you feel towards Loneliness? (11min)
You get to explore your feelings towards loneliness through a playful imagery exercise. You get to see these feelings clearly and begin to welcome them all instead wishing them to be gone. You are invited to discover the common humanity in your personal suffering by hearing about social factors contributing to loneliness and its potential to help us grow across the life span.

Part 3: Quitting the Blame Game (5min)
You get to understand how blame keeps us trapped and how to validate parts that hold anger.

Part 4: Getting started with Self-compassion (16min)

To be useful in daily life, self-compassion practice must balance being, feeling and doing in a pragmatic way. Experience the three components of self-compassion in the first guided practice.

Part 1:  Supporting the Vulnerable Part (11min)
Counteract any fears of being vulnerable by grounding in your adult self in two exercises.

Part 2: Meeting your Compassionate Companion (15min)
Discover your inner source of wisdom and compassion in this guided imagery practice.

Part 3: Warmth embraces Emptiness (5min)
The body and our senses offer us many gateways into feeling more grounded, alive, held and connected when we experience emptiness.

Part 4: Held by Mother Earth and Father Sky (16 min)
The body is our faithful companion and our home in this lifetime. In this guided practice you are guided to feel embraced.


Part 1: Understanding the Pain of Unworthiness and Exclusion (19min)
Shame makes loneliness chronic. By discovering our own goodness we are liberated to belong again. Understand the workings of shame and the pain of exclusion through self-reflection and an encouraging fairy tale.

Part 2:  Shame Detox – Step 1 (10min)
Start to familiarize yourself with shame in your body and discover your individual antidote in a guided practice.

Part 3:  Shame Detox – Step 2 (7min)
Deepen your practice of seeing yourself through loving eyes in moments of shame with this behavioural exercise.

Part 1: Seeing addictive patterns (11min)
Loneliness reveals our longing for connection. Explore how you prevent yourself from feeling what you truly long for through addictive patterns in a reflective exercise.

Part 2: Find what truly nourishes you (11min)
Discover a deeper unmet need driving a more superficial desire in this exploration.

Part 3: Trusting in “Star Money” (8min)
Understand the principles of working with longing to tap into a greater source of connectedness through a poem and another fairy tale.

Part 4: Surrendering to Longing (9min)
In this guided practice we compassionately work with longing directly in our bodies instead of our thoughts.

Part 1: Getting to Know Grief (7 min)
Grief can be transformative and healing in helping us heal and let go of the old. Grief differs from depression.

Part 2: Letting Go of Resentment (7min)
Learn to welcome and fully validate any residual feelings of blame towards others.

Part 3: The Healing Potential of Mourning (20min)
Recognize how grief can be transformative and be a gateway to compassion and joy. Learn about blocks to mourning and crying.

Part 4: Self-Compassion for Grief (17min)
In this guided practice you learn to comfort yourself whilst letting grief move through you.

Part 1: Connectedness as an Antidote to Alienation (15min)
Consider different ways of sensing and seeing connectedness and belonging to break free from inner isolation.

Part 2: Circle of Care (13min)
Through this guided imagery practice you can get an extra boost of care and connection.

Part 3: Become an Emotional Climate Activist (5min)
Ponder how this behavioural intention practice can improve your immediate environment.

Part 4: Solitude – Enjoying your Own Company (13min)
Furnish and enrich your inner sanctuary. Re-evaluate your social contacts from a place of belonging.

Pay it forward: Encourage another by sharing your experience

Do you know a loved one who might also be struggling with loneliness but is too ashamed to admit it? We know that we can break the cycle of shame by sharing some of our vulnerability with a trusted other. Why not share a bit about your experiences of loneliness and with the course with this friend or family member?
If you have benefited a little from this course, why not gift it to a friend or family member from who you know that they may benefit from this, too?

  • This course does not replace any otherwise necessary medical or psychological treatment.

  • The course creator is not liable for any damages incurred due to customers listening to the course. Ensure you meet the prerequisites noted above before buying the course.

  • This course does not entitle the buyer to any psychological support.