Self-Compassion in Clinical Practice – The Essentials

Online Course by and with Dr. Christine Braehler

Do you know lots of self-compassion exercises and want practical tools and guidance to integrate self-compassion into your individual psychotherapy in a safe and evidence-based way?

Then you have come to the right place.

What you will learn:

Chapter 1: Presence

To improve your therapeutic presence through focused mental training, which is based on the neuroscientific model of compassion

Chapter 2: Relationship

To transform challenging moments of excessive responsibility, striving, powerlessness, fear of being overwhelmed by emotions and shame into wise and compassionate action with your clients through parts-based exercises.

Chapter 3: Interventions

To design trauma-sensitive and shame-sensitive case conceptualizations and compassion-based interventions for your clients which consider their attachment style and mentalizing capacity.

How you will learn:

  • Fun animations portraying realistic case vignettes and situations in therapy and educational videos to integrate key learning points
  • Short and focused guided exercises and mediations specifically designed for the clinician based on Internal Family Systems Therapy (IFS), mindfulness and self-compassion and practice diaries
  • Practical tools for assessing, selecting and tailoring compassion-based interventions for and with your clients.
  • Graded Quizzes
  • Bibliography

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