Step 2: Detox

The Process

Beneath the harshness or self-neglect, we might discover loneliness, shame, fears of rejection or existential fears. As we feel them in our bodies, we situate their origin in our lifetime or in the lives of our ancestors or of our collective.

Irrespective of whether these burdens are personal or transgenerational, they all long to be witnessed and felt by you so that they can transform into their essence or simply be released. We allow sensations to move through our body and surrender to this process by letting the compassion do the work. To help with that you further strengthen your compassionate and wise self, the kind gaze upon yourself and your trust in our shared humanity.

Practice makes us perfect in being imperfect human beings.

The next layer of emotions that long for loving attention reveals itself and you feel stronger to calm any fears and comfort any sadness. Having touched on and transformed these most vulnerable of human emotions with your own inner compassion and wisdom will make you feel confident and resilient. You are also becoming more aware of your parts and how to support them by using Internal Family Systems Therapy.

Shame Detox

The Advanced Programme explained

In my 5-week Shame Detox Advanced Workshop you can apply your growing self-compassion to gain a sense of ease and flexibility in dealing with this most debilitating human experience. Like a dark veil, shame obscures all parts, memories or emotions judged as undesirable by banishing them into the dark out of conscious sight. Left to suffer in their dark exile, the need of these unseen and unloved parts to belong and be freed grows stronger as do our many inauthentic ways in which we attempt to achieve love and belonging. As soon as we develop the courage to stop and lift the veil and tend with love to what we find beneath, we unburden their heavy load of judgment and fear. We feel lighter and stronger because we have reclaimed parts of ourselves and brought them to light: we are more ourselves. Shame dampens our authentic self and cuts us off from our essential life force and uniqueness.  In the safe space of our group you can learn to handle moments of shame with greater lightness and humour through transformative exercises.

Master Shame Attacks

Befriending Loneliness

The Advanced Programme explained

Befriending Loneliness allows you to transform the pain of disconnection into loving connectedness from the inside out. My book and the 20-part audio course on the subject were published in April 2020 exactly when the world went into enforced isolation and many people realized how much they dreaded being in their own company.  My teachings and practices help with exactly that: facing the shame of loneliness, the fear of vulnerability and surrendering to a containing and loving presence within and around us to finally feel at ease in our own company. Loneliness can also arise when in company. The disconnect often reveals a deeper unfulfilled yearning for genuine connection and the stuck grief of past disappointments. Longing and mourning are precious gateways that help open our hearts wider than ever before, if we are brave enough to let them move and transform us. As we surrender to each layer, we discover a peaceful state of solitude and universal loving connectedness beneath that we carry within us wherever we go.


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