Fierce Self-Compassion

“If they cannot love and resist at the same time,
they probably will not survive.”

Audre Lorde

Have you started practicing self-compassion? Have you noticed being kinder with yourself when your inner critic is giving you a hard time? Have you experienced moments when you were able to actively calm and comfort yourself and allowed yourself to be fully human? Congratulations! You are integrating the so-called Yin qualities of self-compassion.

How are you doing with regards to living the Yang qualities of self-compassion? We need both for our self-compassion practice to be balanced. Are you able to lovingly encourage yourself, stand up for your needs and set your boundaries in a calm and assertive manner?

Should you struggle with the latter, then you might be interested in participating in this specialized workshop on fierce self-compassion.

Learn to protect, encourage and assert yourself out of love not fear.

What can I learn?

Based on Kristin Neff’s definition on the Yin and Yang of self-compassion, Christine Braehler has developed this new workshop, which aims:

  • To help you define the yang qualities of self-compassion you want to develop
  • To learn how to activate the energy of fierce self-compassion
  • To help you identify and meet inner obstacles with wisdom and compassion

Who can participate?

  • Individuals who have previously participated in an MSC programme
  • Individuals with a regular self-compassion practice of at least 2 months