Fierce Self-Compassion:
Empowering Yourself in the Face of Harm & Injustice

“If they cannot love and resist at the same time,
they probably will not survive.”

Audre Lorde

Have you started practicing self-compassion? Have you noticed being kinder with yourself when your inner critic is giving you a hard time? Have you experienced moments when you were able to actively calm and comfort yourself and allowed yourself to be fully human? Congratulations! You are experiencing tender self-compassion.

How are you doing when it comes to expressing fierce self-compassion? We need both tender and fierce qualities for our self-compassion practice to be balanced. In particular, how confident do you feel to protect yourself in situations where you are treated injust or are faced with harm? Do invalidating voices and exaggerated guilt and shame hold you back?

Should you struggle with the latter, then you might be interested in participating in my advanced workshop on fierce self-compassion for self-protection, which I launched in 2020.  Also available as a book in German. Inquire about the live online version in English or take the on-demand course in your own time.

Learn to protect yourself out of love not fear.

“Alchemizing anger into clarity and compassion into justice is brought to us by a sage. This course is brilliant and highly transformative. There is kindness and patience in Dr. Christine’s voice as she inspires the listener towards a higher path. I am so grateful for the calm and assertive energy that I am experiencing that can be fierce and free.”

“Such a terrific course! Stick with it to the end, lesson 20 had nuggets of wisdom for and practical tips for everyday to live into my truth whilst remaining engaged and receptive to those with other viewpoints. Wow, worthy of repeating and of committing to memory! Thank you.”

“Ich habe tiegreifende Erfahrungen und einen Quantensprung in meiner eigenen Entwicklung gemacht, von der unterdrückten Wut hin zur weisen Nutzung der kraftvollen Energie der Wut.”

Dr Christine Braehler has developed this new workshop, which aims:

  • To learn how to activate the energy of fierce self-compassion in situations where you need to protect yourself against harm or injustice
  • To help you identify and meet inner obstacles with wisdom and compassion
  • To transform healthy anger into clarity and wise conscious action

Dr Christine Braehler developed this workshop in July 2020. It combines:

  • Short presentations integrating
    • Archetypal psychology
    • Trauma theory
  • Innovative parts work based on Internal Family Systems Therapy (IFS)
  • Specifically designed meditations to evoke wisdom and fierce self-love
  • Small and large group sharing
  • Self-reflection using writing or drawing
  • Individuals who have previously participated in a self-compassion training such as MSC or MBCL.
  • Individuals with a regular self-compassion practice of at least 2 months
  • Individuals who are not exposed to acute physical harm
  • If you are in psychotherapeutic treatment for severe trauma, then it is important to wait until you have integrated these events and can stabilize yourself sufficiently before attending this workshop as it might otherwise destabilize you.

In Your Own Time

· 20-Day Audio Course

· 2 years of unlimited streaming access

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