17./24.2. & 3./10.3. 2022 – Online, Advanced Workshop

“If they cannot love and resist at the same time, they probably will not survive.”
― Audre Lorde (1979)

Fierce Self-Compassion:
Empowering yourself in the Face of Injustice

Advanced Workshop by and with Dr. Christine Brähler

Have you learned to kinder towards yourself through self-compassion practice but are still struggling to stand up for yourself? Do you still find it difficult to set boundaries to protect yourself from harm or exploitation? The goal of this course is to awaken your Yang energy of fierce love to respect and protect yourself to balance out the softer Yin energy. You will learn to transform healthy anger into clear seeing and wise action. You will work with inner parts that disempower you, using methods derived from Inner Family Systems Therapy and practices of mindfulness and self-compassion.


This innovative workshop developed by Dr. Christine Braehler aims:

  • To learn how to activate the energy of fierce self-compassion
  • To help you identify and meet inner obstacles with wisdom and compassion
  • To transform healthy anger into wise action and confidence

Teaching methods:

  • Short presentations
  • Guided exercises derived from IFS
  • Specifically designed mindfulness and self-compassion meditations
  • Small and large group sharing
  • Self-reflection through writing and drawing

For whom:

  • Individuals with an established self-compassion practice following full participation in a self-compassion training (MSC, MBCL or CMT)
  • Individuals who are not exposed to any acute physical harm

Dates & Times:

On 4 consecutive Thursdays, from 6-9pm/18:00-21:00 (Central European Time)

17th February 2022
24th February 2022
3rd March 2022
10th March 2022

Online, Zoom


Course Fee:
Limited to 15 participants

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