Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC) Teacher Training Opportunities

In 2013 the Center for MSCwas established by the founders of the Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC ™) Program to enable people worldwide to learn self-compassion and to train MSC teachers. As one of the first certified MSC teachers in Europe, I have been involved in the training and development of MSC teachers worldwide since the outset in 2014. During my time as a Board Member I organised the first international MSC Teacher Festival in 2018 .

Teacher Training

Alongside my Teacher Trainer colleagues I facilitate the first step on the pathway to becoming an MSC teacher, which is the 6-day Teacher Training. I teach in English, German, French and in Spanish (with some translation).

All around the world the Teacher Training is hosted by the Center for MSC in collaboration with regional host organisations. Suitable candidates who meet all the prerequisites may apply on the host’s website. These applications are reviewed by the Teacher Trainer Team.

Please address any questions you may have to Center for MSC or to the local partner organization.

Group Supervision for MSC Teachers-in-Training

To complete the first level of training, MSC Teachers-in-Training are required to participate in online group supervision whilst teaching their first 8-week MSC course. I provide group supervision sessions for MSC Teachers-in-Training in German, English and French at different periods throughout the year (depending on demand) through the Center for MSC.

These sessions are organised and administered by the Center for MSC via the CMSC online learning platform. You can see there which sessions I am due to hold.

If you have completed the 6-day Teacher Training and do not have a log in or have lost it, contact the administration at Center for MSC.

Mentoring for Certification

I act as a mentor for trained MSC teachers within the context of the University of California at San Diego (USA) certification pathway.

To be accepted for mentoring interested parties must pass a minimum level of personal maturity and professional competencies evidenced by video recordings of their teaching. Please read all the information about mentoring for certification on the UCSD website.

Should you meet all the UCSD criteria and are willing to embark on an in-depth coaching of your teaching skills and are committed to deepening your embodiment of wisdom and compassion through personal practice, then please contact me via email to enquire about availability for mentoring.

MSC Inquiry Workshops

In 2018 teacher trainer colleagues and I piloted an advanced teaching skills workshop on MSC inquiry, which has since been offered five times. As one of the first to practice and to define this particular style of inquiry alongside the founders, I am happy to help coach MSC teachers to improve their embodiment, intentionality and technique during challenging moments of MSC inquiry.

I offer this 2-day MSC Inquiry workshop in English, German and French. Please check the events listings or contact me via email if your local MSC teacher group would like an in-house workshop.