Neuroscience of Compassion

The Essentials | module one

Exciting neuroscientific findings shed light on what happens inside of our bodies and brains when we are with a person in distress. These new insights into the sociocognitive and socioemotional mechanisms help explain how burnout can arise in professional caregivers and how we can prevent it.
In Module One, I explain how to protect yourself from burnout and how to strengthen your therapeutic wisdom and presence through specific mental training. Each insight and exercise is based on the latest neuroscientific model. They are easy to integrate in your daily life and help you directly when sitting with your clients. These exercises are designed for your compassion and wisdom to increase so that you will feel more resilient, flexible and lighter overall.
The resulting foundation of embodied compassion and wisdom will increase the effectiveness of your individual therapy regardless of which technique you use.

Module one

What you will learn

To improve your therapeutic presence through focused mental training based on the neuroscientific model of compassion and make being with your clients more effortless and joyful.

What you will get

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This module does not contain generic foundational self-compassion exercises but specific practices for clinicians.
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Module One
Self-Compassion in Clinical Practice – The Essentials

The Neuroscience of Compassion in Clinical Practice

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Self-Compassion in Clinical Practice – The Essentials

Practical tools and evidence-based guidance for integrating self-compassion into individual psychotherapy